· I'm having problems uploading my song!

Please follow these steps if you wish to send a song to be played on WorldTalensRatio:
  1. On the "Home" page, click on the large "Upload your song" button
  2. If you are an unregistered user: Enter your emailaddress and password for your account on WorldTalensRatio
  3. Enter your Band/Artist name and choose the genre of the uploaded song
  4. Optionally enter your country, a short biography, your website, and a photo/logo (JPG files only)
  5. Choose the song to be uploaded from your hard drive. Please note that we currently only accept MP3 files...

· Why are some votes not added to my total monthly votes?

Every vote a listener makes through the artists page is counted as 1 point for the artist but no point for the voter.
While every vote cast through the music player equals 10 points for the artist and 1 point for the voter. This just a way of encouraging a listener to listen before voting.