About us

WorldTalentsRadio is a station that is totally committed to the encouragement and promotion of Independent artist, talented singers, musicians and song writers. Our aim is to establish a global platform, a community of people who would love to share and enjoy the rich unadulterated music performed by up and coming artist who are struggling to be recognzed. For a very long time coming the music industry have been hijacked by strictly business minded people whose main aim is not about entertainment but about making huge profits through a handful of stars that are constantly being recycled year in year out and forced down the throats of a helpless audience. Come to think of it; in a world of about 6.6 billion people why is it only a handful of artist that are being promoted through the mainstream media. Why is everyone being manipulated into believing that the world can not focus on several players at the same time, are we presumed musically handicapped. Why does the recording industry ignore, suppress or even reject millions of talented music artist around the world. But all this is begining to change. With the birth of WorldTalentsRadio anyone in any part of the globe that is truly talented and is genuinely committed to marketing his or her talent will now have the opportunity to successfully achieve that goal.

How We Get It Done:

  1. On WorldTalentsRadio we only play songs that are made and owned by up-and-coming talented artist or Bands who are underexposed and for this reason we exclude the songs of world renown stars.
  2. We give basic information including dates and venues of upcoming gigs of the artist whose song is being currently played.(Apart from the publicity advantage, this helps to discourage listeners from recording that particular song). So send us an email about your next gig!
  3. We encourage listeners to rate and vote for the song and artist of their choice. (The song that gets the highest rating and votes becomes the Number 1 song on the WorldTalentsRadio Top 10 weekly chart)
  4. We help connect artist whose songs made it to the WorldTalentsRadio Top 10 weekly chart to our global network of music industry specialist.(Our network includes Music stars, Producers, Promoters, Recording companies and Record Labels who are also interested in supporting the new breed)
  5. We make it easy for artist to get a copyright to their own songs even before it is aired on Radio. Read More »